Gait Correction

my podiatry clinic gait correctionDo you enjoy sports activities but suffer from repeated injuries, or would you like to increase your performance and reduce the risk of injuries?  If yes then our Biomechanical and Video Gait Analysis are for you.


Biomechanical Assessment

Assessment of the lower limb prior to the provision of prescription orthotics and insoles. A Biomechanics assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function – looking closely for abnormalities and compensations. We can look closely at the possible underlying causes of heel pain, knee pain and even back pain.


Video  Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis involves a combination of an extensive physical assessment to screen for lower limb abnormalities  and muscle imbalances combined with our sophisticated full body video gait analysis which will find any biomechanical dysfunctions  that  may be causing injury and pains.


What do you need to bring to an assessment?

It’s best to wear shorts so our Podiatrists can assess your lower limbs without any restrictions.


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