Located in Crawfurd Medical at Suntec City Mall, My Podiatry Clinic aims to be the leader in quality podiatry care in Singapore. Foot problems are becoming more common in Singapore due to changing lifestyles and people used to have to cope with their problems on their own as they were not familiar with the treatment options available. At My Podiatry Clinic, we treat people of all ages who suffer from a wide range of conditions such as skin and nail infections, heel pain, foot injuries, and diabetic feet.

Our Podiatrist uses a combination of clinical treatments and technologies to treat each individual. In particular, we offer custom insoles to treat a variety of foot problems. We use one of the most accurate 3D scanners available in the market to map the foot down to the last millimetre. Our Podiatrist then uses the 3D model of the foot to design an insole that is tailored to individual needs. These personalized insoles are slim and light-weight, and can easily fit into ladies’ or mens’ shoes, children’s shoes, trainers, hiking boots, soccer boots, and are also suitable for people with diabetic feet and/or arthritis.



To be the first choice in quality podiatry care


Ensure precise treatment and comfort for our patients

Ms. Rachel Elizabeth McGlynn

Rachel Elizabeth McGlynn Podiatry Singapore

Ms. Rachel Elizabeth McGlynn graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Podiatry from the University of Salford in United Kingdom. She also obtained her FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine. She is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Podiatry Association Singapore and Sports Medicine Association Singapore.

She has knowledge and experience in treating professional dancers, athletes, children and the elderly. She specializes in treating sports-related injuries, fitting of orthoses, skin conditions affecting the lower limbs, nail surgery, and reconstruction for ingrown or damaged toenails.

Her aims are to provide the best possible care in a relaxing environment, make her patients feel better and most importantly, get them back on their feet.