Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is the enlargement and compression of the plantar nerve on the ball of the foot. The most common cases are seen in between the 3rd and 4th web-space between the toes. Symptoms may include nerve pains such as numbness, tingling and burning sensations and in extreme cases swelling and redness may occur.

People may especially feel these symptoms when wearing tight footwear, heeled shoes and activities that put pressure on the balls of the feet. Factors that may affect the development of this pathology include age, sex, activities, structure and footwear.

Treatment of this condition can range from simple to footwear alterations to surgery depending on the severity. The goal of treatment is to offload pressure placed against the nerve. This can be achieved with customised orthotics with an added metatarsal dome. It is best to see a Podiatrist to get the correct diagnosis and or treatment.