Plantar warts, also known as Verruca are a viral infection that affects the feet. They can cause a multitude of problems such as pain and poor cosmetic appearances. They are contacted by contact with the virus via a portal of entry. This could be as simple as a simple graze on the sole of the foot. Swimmers are more likely to have these with the addition of weather and poor hygiene due to being barefoot. They are more common in children and adolescents, however they sometimes seen in adults. The appearance may be confused with corns or callous. Due to it being viral in nature, treatments must activate the body’s immune response. Treatment methods include cryotherapy, acid and curettage (surgery) which cause inflammatory markers and white blood cells to attack the virus. It is best to see a podiatrist to properly diagnose potential warts as self-treatment is difficult. The podiatrist will debride the top layer of callous to allow the treatment to penetrate. To avoid plantar warts it is advised to avoid being barefoot and to have proper hygiene. If you think you have a wart don’t hesitate to see your health care professional.