Getting to the foot of the problem

Corns, callouses and bunions can occur when your feet are put under intense pressure. When we use shoes that are too small, the lack of air can lead to fungal skin infections. Your nails may also chip off, leading to ingrown toenails. These conditions are painful and aesthetically displeasing.


Medical pedicure (Medi-Pedi) and traditional pedicures

Most medi-pedi not done in a professional podiatry facility do not treat feet with medical problems. Medical Pedicure, also known as Medi-Pedi, is a treatment that is performed by a qualified foot specialist, or podiatrist. Medi-Pedi treats conditions such as:1) thick or damaged nails, 2) ingrown toenails, 3) plantar warts, 4) blisters, 5) callouses, 6) corns, 7) cracked heels and 8) athlete’s foot (right). This is suitable for people with embarrassing foot problems, diabetic feet, and those who want to regain beautiful and blemish-free feet. Medi-Pedi is done in a clinic and is thus hygienic.


Nail reconstruction

This treatment can fully reconstruct your damaged toenail by using a flexible resin (left). It is suitable for dancers, athletes and people with diabetic feet and other foot problems.


3D custom insoles

The 3D custom insoles from My Podiatry Clinic support and cushion the feet to help alleviate foot problems and conditions such as bunions and flat feet. At My Podiatry Clinic, the latest 3D scanning technology is used to design highly personalised insoles that match the exact measurements of your feet. When inserted into your footwear, the insoles give you the correct cushioning, support, comfort and flexibility.