Podiatry for athletes and active individuals

Singapore’s population is getting fitter and more active each day. Today, 38 per cent of people actively participate in sports and other physical activities.

It’s a well-known fact that athletes and active people are the most susceptible to foot-related injuries and illnesses. Research has shown that plantar fasciitis, a disorder of the connective tissue resulting in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot, accounts for 10 percent of podiatry-related problems faced by runners.

For many athletes, their feet are the most important part of their bodies. Unfortunately, most people ignore their feet and seldom take care of them. In fact, foot-related problems often occur because athletes and active people use the wrong footwear during practice and play. This can make the feet vulnerable to everything from sprains to fractures to plantar fasciitis.


Podiatry can improve your game

Podiatry allows athletes and active people to continue to do what they love best — participate in sports and exercise. This branch of medicine uses technology to understand where the maximum wear-and-tear has occurred in the foot and why.

Using sophisticated technology, podiatrists will be able to help professional athletes and active people train, prevent injuries, care for mechanical problems and correct body imbalance, among other things.


Choose My Podiatry Clinic for personalised treatment

My Podiatry Clinic offers gait correction and analysis. Its staff can help identify how your feet make contact with the ground, the force generated upon contact and the shift in pressure that occurs with each step.

The clinic can also help treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis and advise you on various topics from pronation correction to post-injury therapy and exercises.

Based on your results as well as prognosis from the podiatrist, the clinic can develop a personalised treatment plan to help you care for your feet. It is currently collaborating with a local university to research, improve the durability of and explore other material options for 3D custom insoles that provide support for your feet when you exercise.

The clinic also conducts diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions, toenail injuries and diabetes-induced podiatric problems.

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